Atish & Sonal

“I came to Dreams Collections to have an outfit designed for my wedding anniversary. Never having designed an outfit before – I was pretty worried I might screw this up on my own.  Sakshi, the owner, was amazing! She was very friendly and help guide me through my style, favorite colors and helped me design something so unique! I definitely can’t wait to wear my outfit over and over again!

My husband also had a western suit designed for our event as well. We still get numerous amounts of compliments on our outfits and glowing reviews of the color, works and little details throughout the outfits. The quality, customer service, attention to detail is all part of what makes shopping at Dreams Collections such an easy choice for us. If you aren’t interested in designing an outfit their stock on the shelves are absolutely beautiful pieces.

For the quality and price tag I don’t think you could ever go wrong. The best part is, they have a tailor as well. So you definitely know your outfit will be a one of a kind fit for you!This store has definitely won me over as a loyal customer!”

Nina & Gautam

I wore a red lehenga at the ceremony and a lehenga for the reception.We got our ceremony outfits from Dreams Collections in Artesia. I love Sakshi Aunty! She’s wonderful and can customize anything for you. I also ordered the bridesmaids anarkalis from there.

Sakshi Aunty from Dreams Collections told me which measurements to get from each bridesmaid and every single one of their outfits came out perfectly. That was a big relief as only one bridesmaid was local. We also got all of the groomsmens’ kurtas from Dreams Collections


I have always wanted to wear an Indian dress for my wedding. Sakshi’s dresses are extremely detailed and she helped me find exactly what I had been looking for within minutes. ( I had spent 4 months trying to have one custom ordered from India and it was nothing but stressful)

If you want to be treated kindly, at a more than reasonable price for your quality attire, and expect above-and-beyond treatment, you have to come here. I never felt pressured, and was given nothing but excellent advice. 

Specific examples:

1. I was immediately greeted and asked what I was looking for when I entered. 

2. They were more than happy to choose a variety of dresses, while being mindful of the budget I had and not being pushy at all. Sakshi found exactly the dress I had pictured in my head within 10 minutes of being in the store.

3. The price I paid for my dress was so amazing, a friend of my step mother’s, who also used to sell formal indian wear, said the price was beyond believable and that the workmanship was perfect. 

4. I was sized 3 times for my dress, each time I had help getting the dress on and off. The second to last time I was sized the dress was still to large so Sakshi paid to have it shipped back to India to be completely redone with less than a month to go. She made special arrangements with another woman to personally hold my dress while they were closed and when Sakshi was on vacation so I would be able to pick it up if I came by on my own or called while they were gone. The last time I was sized, she tailored my dress while I had lunch across the street. All of this was done without an additional cost- which I was extremely grateful for. 


Sakshi aunty helped me bring my bridal outfit idea to life with the utmost ease! I came back empty handed from a shopping trip to India because I didn’t like anything readymade, and I was weary of getting anything customized since I wouldn’t be there to oversee it.

 I traveled all the way to Dreams Collections and finally found an answer.  Sakshi aunty was SO helpful and patient and tried to help me bring my idea to fruition.  It ended up BEAUTIFUL and she kept me posted every step of the way.  The colors, designs, and style were all totally customized, and she even came to the rescue with my jewelry! If you can go to her with an idea, she will definitely make it happen!


My (now) husband and I visited Dreams Collections back in January of 2016 when searching for wedding outfits.  We walked around the area and visited several shops, but none of them compared to Dreams Collections in terms of the selection, customization, and amazing service that we received.  I really appreciated from our first visit that there was no pressure to make us buy anything, and that the prices were set.  I wasn’t interested in having to bargain on the prices, and lucky for us, everything was 50% off at the time.

One of the most difficult parts of finding wedding outfits for us was that we had chosen to work with colors that are not traditionally used in Indian weddings.  Our colors were teal, purple, and silver, not the red and gold that is so common.  Sakshi Aunty really helped in customizing our outfits and colors, and within a reasonable budget.  In the end, we bought 3 outfits originally–my husbands sherwaani, my wedding lehenga, and a beautiful floor length anarkali gown.

When the outfits came in, Sakshi Aunty and her daughter-in-law were great with helping me to try everything on, and they also made alterations as needed on the spot for me.  I never felt awkward or uncomfortable around them, and they even helped me with picking out shoes that would match.  I also bought some matching jewelry from them.

Additionally, I needed bridesmaids outfits for my friends, and I again shopped around, hoping to find something with the right colors and within a decent price range for my friends.  Although I visited about 6-7 shops, I again returned to Dreams Collections.  Aunty was very understanding about the prices, and gave me the 50% option since I had first come to her when they had that going on.  It was the perfect choice, because the colors would exactly match what I had already ordered.  My bridesmaids were all scattered around the country, so it was also very much appreciated that she could work virtually with them to get the right sizes, etc.

At one of my last visits to Dreams Collections prior to the wedding, I fell in love with a new outfit that she had in the store, so much so, that it was agonizing to have to say no to it prior to my wedding.  It also so happened that my anarkali gown was so heavy that we couldn’t easily perform our wedding dance in it, which led me to finally decide on getting one more outfit for the reception. Aunty once again came through for us.  She literally customized the colors of that gown, sent it to India, and got it back for us within a week.  It was just amazing that she was able to do that for us at the last minute, and we were so grateful to her.

At the end of the day, I am so happy that I went to Dreams Collections.  I had originally planned on maybe making a trip to India, but given my time and budget constraints, this was the right option for me.  For anyone looking to buy from them, you can’t go wrong.  If something doesn’t come out right, they will fix it.  The biggest thing that I would make note of as a prospective customer would be to go there well in advance of your wedding.  Bridal outfits can take up to 2 months to make and in all of my visits I saw numerous instances when folks were coming in 3 weeks or less prior to their wedding for outfits.  But I promise, if you give them the time they need, you won’t leave less than satisfied.

  •   Beautiful lehenga purchased  from Dreams Collection!
    Everyone complimented and looked beautiful on me.
    Thank you Sakshi ji.

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